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April 1 marks one of my favorite days of the year. April Fool’s Day has long been one of my favorite days, mostly because I like the idea of having no social boundaries for an entire day. It’s a day when even the strictest of bosses has to look the other way when it comes to office pranks. Like the time I got turned in to my boss for pulling a prank on an older co-worker. Hey, I said, you can’t do anything to me, today’s April 1…okay it didn’t go quite like that.

April Fools

So my co-workers got together and thought it would be a great idea if we pulled a prank on one of the guys that had been working there for years. Here’s the setup: one small woman hides in a recycling dumpster that is used as storage before paper is shredded. The storage container was supposed to be locked, but never was. She hid, and my job was to tell the co-worker that the lid was stuck and I couldn’t get it open. When he went to open the container, she was to jump out and scare him. All went exactly as planned, until she jumped out.

He got extremely scared, jumped back, clenched his fists, and got ready for a fight. We all had a great laugh and thought it was over, but he spent the next hour lecturing us about how people got hurt doing that kind of thing when he was growing up in Brooklyn. So, after an hour or being lectured (he never did report us to the boss), the life had been sucked out of everyone involved. It turns out, the joke was on us!

After that experience, I will never hide anyone in a trash can again. Mostly for my own livelihood. But hey, I suppose a good piece of scotch tape under a mouse sensor is still fair game.

Happy April Fool’s Day! Oh yeah, since we missed Easter, Happy Easter too! All of us at All American Inflatables hope that you had a great weekend full of fun, relaxation, and of course, pranks!

Healthy Living

Fruits And Vegetables Are Great For Healthy Living

Starting a new year usually comes with resolutions for healthy living. Unfortunately, many of us fail to meet our goals throughout the year for a variety of reasons. In today’s world, though, there are many plans and tips available to help make healthy living a reality. Here are 5 tips to make 2013 the year for real, life-changing differences.

  1. Have a plan. Outline the changes that you’d like to make and make a schedule that fits these changes in. Actually writing your plan will make it easier to see and follow.
  2. Make specific goals. Make SMART goals. Make your goals Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.
  3. Track what you eat. For a great tracking app/support network, try They have an app for smart phones that is amazing. You can quickly scan bar codes and retrieve nutritional information as well as hundreds of restaurant menus. For added support, join one of their support groups.
  4. Eat breakfast! Many people avoid breakfast thinking they are smart to eat fewer calories by missing a meal. However, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Make time to make a healthy breakfast a priority. It will give you energy to be able to make it through the day.
  5. Take it slow. A lot of people fail because they try to accomplish too much too quickly and quickly burn out from exhaustion. It’s good to take it slow to develop habits that will stick. For a great, slow workout plan that will have you running a 5 K in less than three months, check out the Couch To 5K Website.

In the spirit of self promotion, we’re offering a bonus tip: If you’re in or around Fort Worth, Texas, and wanting a great way to have fun while burning tons of calories, check out All American Inflatables.

Happy Thanksgiving! At All American Inflatables, we’re extremely thankful for all of our great family, friends, customers, and followers that have helped make this be one of our most successful years ever. To show my thanks, I thought I’d share a website that I just ran across that I think is pretty cool. Send some glittery messages to those that mean the most to you when you visit They have all the code right there. Best part…it’s free. So, from all of us at All American Inflatables:

Happy Thanks Giving Day