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The up and down economy is wrecking havoc in all sectors of life and now going on vacations is not as easy as it was just a few years ago. That said, cutting back does not mean that you have to deny your family of fun times. You will be happy to know that you and your family can still have a good time thanks to the inflatable water slide.  All American Inflatables in Arlington, TX has many different inflatable water slides to choose from.

When compared to planning and taking your entire family out for a well deserved vacation, renting an inflatable outdoor toy is the affordable option. They are very simple to put together and one is also furnished with a device that will help you inflate the water slide. It takes a very short time to inflate the water slide and voila, your kids are ready to have fun outdoors.

Every time a child sees an inflatable water slide their eyes light up and they become excited about sliding and getting wet. Using a water slide as an outdoor toy gives your child or children the opportunity to exercise and stay fit and they are therefore an important tool for giving your child a healthy workout. Your children can also play with their friends and they can have a good time together .

It is important that you consider the size of the water slide when you actually go out to rent one. You need to find one that is the right size for your child or childMonster_Slideren. Some inflatable water slides are manufactured specifically for toddlers while others are for older kids. Always make sure that you choose one that can support the weight of your kid(s) and choose one that is durable as well.

These water slides are a great choice for the fun option especially during birthday parties during the summer or during a barbecue. Children will always want to jump in and they also serve as a distraction and this gives adults more time to bond with each other.

Inflatable water slides are available in different shapes, colors and styles. You can choose any theme that you desire. Say for instance a tropical wave, sports arena, jungle or race car theme. The theme you choose should be one that your child or children can associate with. Something that they love essentially.  Another option is a combination water slide and bounce house.  A popular theme is that of a princess castle that is a big hit for girls. Boys tend to like a pirate ship or sports arena theme. Other water slides are rented with a splash pool that is placed at the very bottom of the slide.  The ones that come with a bounce castle are a favorite because they offer two fun options all in one. They can be used as a slide and the bouncing house can be used as an area where your kid or kids can jump around.

If you want to get a water slide for more than one child, you can choose to rent a water slide that has double lanes. This will give the children the option of competing against each other to the end of the slide.

You don’t have to burn out your wallet just because you want to take your children out for a vacation. You can still give them the greatest summer of their lives by buying them this inflatable water slide. There is no reason as to why you should not go out and rent one today!


You just can’t go wrong with an inflatable party rental. Whether you rent a bounce house, a water slide, or anything in between, you and your guests will have a great time. But if you’re looking for a way to take your birthday party, church carnival, or school festival to the next level, consider renting a combo unit.

Elephant Combo Unit

All American Inflatables Unique Elephant Combo Unit

Combo units are large inflatable units that consist of both a bouncing surface as well as a slide. They usually cost a bit more than an ordinary bounce house, but can actually cost less than a slide. Kids love them because when they’re tired of one activity, they can move to the next. All American Inflatables has a large selection of unique combo units to choose from. Whether you’re wanting to rent a Spiderman unit for your action-packed-web-slinging-maniac, or an elephant-shaped combo unit for your little adventurer, we have the selection that you’re looking for.

Things to consider when renting a combo unit:

1) They’re larger than ordinary bounce houses. If the party is in a back yard, make sure that the delivery personnel has access to the back yard. Lifting over 500 pounds of vinyl over a wall isn’t fun, and most companies won’t do it.

2) As I mentioned earlier, they cost a bit more to rent because they cost a bit more to buy. However, because they cost a bit more to buy, many smaller companies can’t afford to buy combo units and add them to their inventory.

3) Some combo units can be used with water slides. Kids love the added excitement of slipping and sliding all over the jumping surface.

4) If you rent a water combo unit, you may want to consider putting a tarp down to protect your grass from getting trampled and turned to mud.

5) Have fun! Combo unit rentals are extremely popular because they’re a blast. Everyone will have a great time, so be prepared to have fun year after year!

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and rent that combo unit before someone else steels all the fun from your party!

Disney Princess Combo Unit

This Disney Princess Combo Is One Of Many Great Inflatables Rented By Bouncing Buddies

While we said that we would try not to excessively promote our own services, we never said anything about promoting other great companies services:) At All American Inflatables, we understand that many of our readers will be spread throughout the country. If you’re in other parts of the country, and looking to schedule a great party, we’d like to give you some of our top picks. So, if you’re not in or around Fort Worth, check back often to see if we’ve listed a business in your area. If we have, make sure you check them out. Like us, the companies we will support over the next several weeks are committed to providing a great party experience through great customer service and great inflatable party rental equipment. The companies we endorse are also fully licensed and insured, so you can be sure that your guests will be safe and have a great time!

Bouncing Buddies Blue Crush Water Slide

Bouncing Buddies Rents Giant Water Slides Like The Blue Crush

Bouncing Buddies is Louisiana’s premier fun jump and water slide rental company. Although their main office is in Lafayette, they also have offices in Baton Rouge. If you’re looking for a large supply of inflatable party rental equipment, Bouncing Buddies is the place to be. They have just about EVERY bounce house and water slide you can possibly imagine. If you’re planning a themed party, this is the place to be.  Whether you’re renting a princess castle for your little princess or a Spider Man bounce house for your action-packed maniac, Bouncing Buddies has what you’re looking for. Looking for a water slide instead? Forget about it! Bouncing Buddies has some of the LARGEST water slides that you’ll find in the entire country. They even have a 27 foot tall Blue Crush water slide! They rent trackless trains, stuffy bear factories, and everything else in between!

Jason, the owner of Bouncing Buddies, is a great guy with tons of party rental experience. He’s been running Bouncing Buddies for nearly twenty years, and has had tons of success. So, if you’re in Louisiana, and looking for the best party possible, look no further than Bouncing Buddies!